HTC One Delayed Again

by Mike on March 25, 2013

HTC One Delayed Again

Fans that have been waiting for the release of the HTC One will be disappointed to hear that once again, the handset has been hit with another delay. The most recent update indicated that the handset would be available at the start of April, but now, the company has stated that this is not the case and in fact, the new release date is the end of April.

So, the question comes up again, why the delay and in this regards, there are a number of reasons that are being offered up. First, it’s believed that the company has been having challenges in manufacturing the aluminium unibody and this has been compounded by the fact that there are shortages in parts. The company has also referenced “unprecedented demand” and with that in mind, the handset will be available next week in Germany, the United Kingdom and Taiwan but it’s launch in North America, Europe and most of Asia Pacific will not take place until the end of April.

The biggest issue with HTC missing their release date is that they will now have to go head on with the Galaxy S4 which is one of the most anticipated handsets for this year.


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