HP Is Developing An Android Tablet And Phone

by Mike on February 13, 2013

HP Is Developing An Android Tablet And Phone

When it comes to desktop computing, HP has been a staple of the industry, but as we all know, the trend from desktop computing to mobile devices has begun and unless HP is willing to make that shift, it risks being left behind. As such, there is now word that the company is looking to make a pair of devices which will include a new phone and a tablet.

To begin with, the tablet is described as a device that would be a higher end model and one that would run on the Android operating system. It will be powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor with the rest of the features not having been revealed at this time. This device is expected to debut this year and its announcement is said to be imminent. This is opposite that of HP’s handset which is also in the works. Just like the tablet, the HP smartphone will run on Android, but its launch is unlikely to occur before 2014.

We have seen HP come into the mobile market before, the most notable incursion in this area was back in 2011 when they released the Veer 4G that ran on Palm’s webOS. With their new devices, HP will phase out WebOS and go with the industry standard which seems to be Android at this time. This shouldn’t be all that unexpected as Android does have a strong developer community behind it and its app store features hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps.


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