Home Depot Says Good Bye BlackBerry, Hello iPhone

by Mike on February 16, 2013

Home Depot Says Good Bye BlackBerry, Hello iPhone

Late last week, there were sources close to Home Depot that were stating that the big box store was planning on terminating their contract with BlackBerry and instead sign a deal with Apple to outfit their staff with the iPhone. This news was later confirmed as being true and as it turns out, 10,000 Home Depot employees will soon be given an iPhone to use for communication.

In fact, not only did Home Depot confirm this fact, but representatives for the company also stated that this transition has already begun. For BlackBerry, this change marks the loss of a big national contract and of course a loss of this size can never be taken lightly. What makes the news just that much worse for BlackBerry is Home Depot’s announcement came just after BlackBerry announced a pair of new BlackBerry 10 devices. In fact, the Z10 handset is now on sale within the United Kingdom and Canada with BlackBerry representatives stating that sales have been good. This device is expected to go on sale in the United States this March.

In the world of mobile phones, things are always fluid. It was last year when the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced that they to were going to eliminate the BlackBerry from their workforce, opting instead for the iPhone. Since then, the agency has said that they will run a limited pilot to see how the new BB10 devices run.


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