High Nexus 7 Demand Means Google Orders Up More

by Mike on November 21, 2012

High Nexus 7 Demand Means Google Orders Up More

The tablet market may be owned by Apple and their iPad and now iPad Mini, but there are many companies that are trying to chip away at Apple’s market share to establish a market for themselves. This year, we saw Google launch their latest tablet, the Nexus 7, an Android tablet that was developed by Google and their manufacturing partner, Asus.

When the tablet first came on the market, the reviews were positive and this turned into strong sales. In fact, sales have been higher then expected and Google has gone back to Asus to place another order to have more tablets manufactured. Based upon the estimates that have been released, Google is on pace to ship double the number of devices it had originally anticipated for this year. As such, Google had to get Asus to build more 7-inch tablets. In terms of hard numbers, it was projected that Google would ship around 2.5 million devices this year, but as we reach the end of 2012, this number is closer to 5 million.

Not only does this success help Google and their bottom number, but it also helps Asus. This past October, we saw Asus report their best quarter for profits in 4 years and these results could be attributed to the Nexus 7 in part, but also to the overall success of their PC and convertible tablet line-up.


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