Google’s Project Glass Design Is Work In Progress

by Mike on January 2, 2013

Google's Project Glass Design Is Work In Progress

It’s believed that this year, Apple may develop and launch an iWatch, a wearable gadget that may take some design notes from the iPod Nano. However, Apple is not the only company that is working on these types of devices.

We had heard throughout 2012 that Google was also interested in working on similar kind of wearable devices and one of their devices is currently being called Project Glass. This project has been one that is still in progress and several of the final features that will be incorporated into the ultimate design have yet to be finalized.

This information came by way of Barbak Parviz and while we have a broad understanding behind the concept of Project Glass, the finer points have yet to be worked out. What Parviz did reveal about Project Glass was that one of the objectives of the final design would be to have a device that will allow users of the device to be able to quickly interact with other users and this interaction could take place through video as well as still images. Along with this, the design should be one that will give quick access to digital information and this, in general, is something that Google has always been pushing for.

It will still be about a year before we see a consumer version of Project Glass with the most recent estimate putting its launch in 2014. Until then, it’s likely Google will continue to test out features as well as modify the final feature list.


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