Google Readies Black Friday Shoppers With Desktop Indoor Maps

by Mike on November 22, 2012

Google Readies Black Friday Shopers With Desktop Indoor Maps

Black Friday is pure chaos in the US as everyone rushes to find the best deals possible. Usually, some of the best deals are available in limited supplies so if you want to get one of these, planning is everything. Of course, it pays to get to the store as early as possible and knowing the layout of the store helps.

Last November, Google expanded on their mapping service by introducing indoor maps of select retail locations. At that time, the service was only available to customers that were using a mobile device that was running on the Android operating system. Today, Google is extending the range of this service to desktop users who will now be able to see detailed floor plans of approximately 10,000 locations. The service includes indoor maps for the United States as well as eight other countries. In order to activate this feature, users only need to head on over to Google Maps and begin zooming in on a building. Once you’ve zoomed in far enough, you will be presented with floor plans and you will have access to a variety of information including shops located inside a shopping center, ATM locations, washrooms, etc. In addition to the US, indoor maps are now available in Canada, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Japan and the United Kingdom.


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