Google Patents Servicing Ads Based On Background Noise

by Mike on March 23, 2012

Google Advertising Patent

Companies are always looking for innovative ways by which to grow their revenue and Google has become quite good at this. Just when you think that perhaps they might be getting close to tapped out, the search engine giant has found yet another way to generate more revenue.

Recently, Google submitted a patent application called “Advertising Based on Environmental Conditions”. The basic premise behind this new patent is when a customer is on a phone call, Google will listen to the background ambient noise that is present. From this, it will use intelligent software to try and serve you an ad that is relevant to your current conditions. For instance, if Google hears rain in the background, you might very well get an ad for an umbrella. Alternatively, background music may just get you served with an ad on how to buy the album that includes the track that you are listening to.

For privacy advocates, Google will be using automated technology, thereby ensuring that no one is actually monitoring user calls and the entire process of ad serving will also be automated. The patent that Google has applied for is actually quite expansive and includes much more then just background noise. Also included in the patent is the possible deployment of environmental sensors on a users desktop computer that could gauge light, temperature and humidity settings, again serving appropriate ads based upon the results.


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