Google Glass Will Get Month Updates

by Mike on May 16, 2013


It appears that Google is going to be quite busy with their Google Glass for the next few months. While Google Glass has been released to just a select group of testers, the official release of Google Glass to the public isn’t expected to take place until next year.

Until then though, Google is looking to push out a number of over the air updates which will bring about new features as well as fixes. The news was made available today at Google I/O where representatives from the company were speaking with developers about what they can expect for the next few months. According to the The Next Web, these updates will bring about bug fixes, new features and a refinement to the software itself. For those that have the device, the OTA updates will be quite simple to install as they will be no different then what we see with smartphone updates.

Monthly updates is definitely an aggressive timetable for Google to keep and one of the interesting things to see will be how closely Google will be able to keep to their commitment. While we may know that the public won’t have access to the device until next year, one thing that hasn’t been made clear is just when next year.


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