Google Features Path, Skitch For Google Glasses

by Mike on March 12, 2013

Google Features Path, Skitch For Google Glasses

We’ve been hearing quite a bit about Google Glasses as the Mountain View company works on developing awareness for their upcoming product. Recently, the company released video footage of what it would be like to have these glasses on and now, the company made use of center stage at South By Southwest to highlight another facet of Glasses.

So far, much of the information has been on the hardware side of this device, but now, we’re hearing more about applications. There were three applications that came to light and they included Skitch, Path and the New York Times. Using the Path app, representatives were able to snap a crowd picture using the integrated camera and then upload it to the social network.

This feature seemed pretty straightforward, but the next feature that they highlighted was quite interesting. For the New York Times app, the company was able to display breaking news reports with images and text directly into the users eye. Additionally, the app was also able to read the text to the customer using the headphone that he would be wearing.

Over the coming weeks and months, we can expect that we will see a large number of apps come to the table as the company has released a Glass API for developers.


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