Google Earth Mobile For Android Phones Announced

by Mike on February 22, 2010

Google Earth Mobile For Android Phones Announced

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has announced this morning their fastest mobile version of Google Earth, this time developed for Android mobile users running Android version 2.1. Available through the Google Marketplace, the Android version is said to support both a smooth frame rate as well as a display screen resolution of 800×480 pixels.

Special features that are available in this version include both a roads layer as well as voice recognition. Regarding the road layer, view a digital satellite map for any location and an additional layer detailing road names will transpose itself over top of the map providing value added information. Voice recognition is an technology that Google has been slowly adding to many of their products, most recently seeing its way into Google Shopper. Voice recognition for Google Earth works exactly as it sounds. Say a phrase that describes your point of interest and Google Earth will try and match it. Phrases can be exact such as “Eiffel tower” or they can be a little generic such as “romantic getaway Lake Tahoe.”

Some of the familiar features retained in the Android version include the ability to browse pictures, destinations and local businesses and you can customize Google Earth to show the layers that are most important to you.

Currently, Google Earth will function on the Nexus One and most mobile phones running Android 2.1 or newer. Droid users, well you’ll have to wait until Motorola finally rolls out an Android upgrade for their customer base.

Via: Lat Long Blog, PC Mag

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