Google Drive With 5GB Free Space Arrives Next Week?

by Mike on April 17, 2012

5GB Google Drive

Although Google has been very quiet about their upcoming Google Drive, there has been a lot of unofficial focus on the search engine’s upcoming cloud storage service. Google has always been one of the bigger names within the industry for cloud-centric apps and the launch of Google Drive will be just one more weapon in its arsenal.

Google Drive is expected to compete directly with other already available services such as Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s own SkyDrive. One of the questions that has come up regarding Google Drive is just how much free space will be made available and on this end, the numbers have been all over the field. We’ve heard free storage numbers as low as 1GB and on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also heard 25GB. The latest rumour brings Google Drive in with 5GB of storage space and it will be free to anyone that wants to save their data on Google’s servers. In order to access the drive, you will need a Google account.

We’re also hearing that the service will go live next week on Tuesday and in advance of that, TechCrunch has confirmed that there will also be apps that are going to launch and that these apps will work on both Mac and Windows based computers. Although they did have a chance to install the app on a Mac computer, the app was non-functional at this time.


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