Genius Bars Replacing Defective iPhone 4 With Refurbished iPhone 4s

by Mike on April 17, 2012

Apple Genius Bar

Sometimes, people know that they are having issues with their gadgets and hold off getting them serviced because of the hassle that can be involved. This is understandable and there’s probably a lot of people that have procrastinated when it comes to service calls.

However, if you happen to have an iPhone 4 that is having hardware issues of some sort, there may not be a better time to get it serviced. It would seem that Apple is having some logistical issues maintaining sufficient supplies of the 16GB white iPhone 4. As such, Genius Bars are being advised that in situations where local supplies have been exhausted, Apple employees have been authorized to replace a defective iPhone 4 with a refurbished iPhone 4s. Yes, you are getting a refurbished model, but you will also be getting some of the newer features that are only available on Apple’s latest iPhone model, namely, a better camera sensor, the voice assistant Siri and an A5 processor.

Again, this is not a certainty and will only occur at Apple stores where supply problems exist. You could very well head into your local genius bar for service only to find that they replace like for like, but there’s always a chance that you might get an upgrade.


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