Geinimi, A New Android Trojan Alert Issued

by Mike on December 30, 2010

There is a new Android trojan that has been identified. Known as Geinimi, this trojan has the capacity to forward sensitive information from an Android device and forward that information to a third-party server. There is also the possibility that this trojan will give remote users full access to the infected Android device.

The mobile security website Lookout is reporting that this piece of malware can only be installed as a result of downloading third party applications that have been compromised and these infected apps have only been located in Chinese app stores. If the trojan does get successfully installed, it is capable of sending the location coordinates as well as the unique identifiers for both the SIM card (IMSI) and the device (IMEI) to a remote server.

The only Android users that can potentially be infected at this time are those that side-load apps into their mobile phones as the Android market itself is clean.

Via: Android Community

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