Foxconn Says No Strike, Nothing To See Here

by Mike on October 6, 2012

Foxconn Says No Strike, Nothing To See Here

It’s putting it mildly when I say that Foxconn does not have a very good record when it comes to labour practises. The company has often come under fire because of their poor treatment of employees which has driven some to take their own life.

Recently, the Chinese manufacturing company has been in the limelight more then it would probably want. There was of course the incident of the alleged brawl that took place that involved disgruntled employees. Now, the company is again in the news due to what is being described as an employee strike that took place. According to sources, overworked and underpaid employees took the unusual course of job action due to the stress of manufacturing the iPhone 5. A lack of training along with the “over-exacting quality controls” are said to have been the final trigger to cause some 4,000 to walk off the job.

Now, did this really happen? Most sources think it did, but of course, Foxconn denies the incident, stating that everything is just rosy. In a statement that they made to the Reuters news organization, Foxconn officials stated that any talk of a strike are “inaccurate”. Apple has set some very high goals in terms of iPhone 5 production and any job action will of course put the Cupertino company behind schedule. As such, it would seem a little futile for Foxconn to cover it up if in fact it did occur.


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