Foxconn Netbook With Linux Distro

by Mike on December 24, 2009

Foxconn Netbook With Linux Distro

If you’re not overly familiar with Foxconn, it’s probably because they are an OEM firm that develops computers that are then branded and released by other pc makers. Foxconn has created a new netbook called the Foxconn SZ901P.

What’s interesting about the Foxconn netbook is that it will support two different operating systems. The first is the more popular OS, Microsoft Windows 7. The second supported OS will be a customized Linux distribution known as FoxOS.

Other then the OS, the netbook does appear fairly ordinary and will include the typical items found such as Vga, 3 USB ports and a 2 button touchpad. There are few details in regards to pricing, processing power, storage capacity as well as RAM, but when the Foxconn Netbook enters the US market, there’s a good chance you won’t recognize it due to it being rebranded.

Via: Liliputing

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