Football Arena Shaped Screen For FIFA 2010

by Mike on May 26, 2010

Football Arena Shaped Screen For FIFA 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup of football (soccer) will take place in South Africa starting on June 11th. To mark this event, “in-innovation” will be launching a pair of display screens in a 42-inch and 52-inch size.

The display screens, which are called the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup Edition, come with a quality finish, being encased in stainless steel and offering a series of modules to allow you to customize your screen to your personal preferences. Some of the choices include an integrated computer, touchscreen, heater and the mirror effect.

Because of it’s modular design, the screens have been optimized for use in local bars, fitness rooms, outside or just about anywhere that people congregate. Heck, for the ultimate soccer fan, this may even be a welcome addition in their living room, assuming the starting price of €6,000 is no issue.

Rounding out the features on these display screens are the inclusion of anti-reflective glass, after all, who wants to pay a premium to watch their favorite team and have to deal with glare.

Via: Born Rich

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