Fog Free Shower Mirror By Shaper Image Syncs With MP3 Player

by Zack on November 6, 2009

Sharper Image

If you can’t take a bath or shower without your music blaring in the background, then this device might be for you. Sharper Image has come up with the Fog Free Shower Mirror, which also syncs with your MP3 player to play music. Now you can leave your MP3 player outside the bathroom to keep it safe from water damage, while still enjoying the music.

The Fog Free Shower Mirror comes with a cradle that will carry your MP3 player, and is useful up to a distance of 100 feet. The Mirror can be powered via an AC outlet or 4 AA batteries, and while it can’t remotely control your MP3 player, it does have controls for volume and radio tuning. Yup, it plays the radio too, and displays the radio station and time of day in pretty blue letters.

What’s surprising about the mirror are the 1.25-inch speakers. They may look small, but are surprisingly powerful and produce clear audio.

The Fog Free Shower Mirror comes with a suction cup hanger that lets you hang it on the bathroom mirror, or any other smooth surface. You can buy the device from the Sharper Image website for only $69.99, although you may have to make sure your MP3 player will fit in the cradle without a problem.

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