Five Year Old Child Spends $2,500 In iTunes Within 15 Minutes

by Mike on March 1, 2013

Five Year Old Child Spends $2,500 In iTunes Within 15 Minutes

If you have a young child, you probably know that it’s pretty easy for them to get into trouble, even when they are playing completely innocently. Danny Kitchen is a five year old child out of Bristol, England and as the story goes, this young boy managed to rack up $2,500 in credit card charges in approximately 15 minutes.

According to the BBC, his father gave him access to the iPad so that he could download a free iPad game. In order to do this, dad had to first enter his passcode so that Danny could download the game from the App Store. Well, Danny did download the game but while playing, he managed to repeatedly click on the in-app purchase button with each tap costing the Kitchen family $105. Within 15 minutes, Danny had accumulated $2,500 in charges.

Danny’s parents received multiple emails from iTunes advising them of the purchases but seeing as each one looked the same, they assumed these were sent in error and were ignored. It was only later when the family received a call from the credit card company that they knew something was up. At this point, Apple was also engaged and representatives for the company were quick to realize the mistake that was made and provided a full refund.

If you have a little Danny in your family and you want to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen to you, you can disable in-app purchases by going into Settings => General => Restrictions.


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