Fake Intel Core i7-920 Processors Shipped By New Egg

by Mike on March 8, 2010

Fake Intel Core i7-920 Processors Shipped By New Egg

New Egg, the second largest online retailer within the United States finds themselves in the midst of a controversy due to them shipping fake Intel Core i7-920 processors to some online customers.

The findings come about after Hard OCP was sent one of the counterfeit Intel processors. The packaging which housed the fake goods could pass as genuine with just a quick glance. However, upon closer inspection, misspelled words on the packaging were apparent.

Once unboxed, further evidence was present including a fake cooling fan, an instruction manual that consisted of blank pages stapled together and “piece of plastic that looked vaguely like a chip.” Software companies have always been plagued with counterfeit products because it much simpler and cheaper to duplicate software.

Hardware technology is another fish all together because the technology to duplicate microprocessors is very expensive. What’s more common is processor chips that are deliberately relabeled as a faster processor and subsequently sold for top dollars.

It’s being reported that New Egg purchased some 300 fake processors through D&H Distributing. Intel and New Egg are currently investigating the matter and those consumers that may have received a fake processor are having them replaced with legitimate items.

Via: WSJ, Slash Gear

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