Facebook’s Voice Over IP Arrives For UK Messenger iOS App

by Mike on March 25, 2013

Facebook's Voice Over IP Arrives For UK Messenger iOS App

Facebook has been slowly rolling out enhancements to their messaging app and these updates have been coming on a regional basis. Today, we have word that Facebook users in the United Kingdom will now have access to Voice Over IP (VoIP) through the messenger app. In addition to the UK, this update is also believed to be available in a few other parts of Europe.

The update follows on the January update that Canadian customers received after which the same update was pushed out to US users. Essentially, prior to the update, iOS app users were required to leave voice messages for one another through the app, but since the update, customers are now able to call each other. One of Facebook’s goals has been to increase the interaction of customers with the company’s services and products and having VoIP is one way to achieve this goal.

So far, the update has not been pushed out to the Android version of the Facebook app. If we follow the Canadian trend, it was about 60 days after the iOS release when Facebook released the Android app and it’s believed that there will be a short phase in period before the Android version goes live within the United Kingdom.


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