Facebook Mobile Ad Revenue Estimated At $2 Billion This Year

by Mike on June 13, 2013


It’s been noted many times that the market for desktop computing is on a decline and in its place, we’re seeing the rise of mobile computing be it laptops, mobile phones or tablets to name just a few. Being able to monetize your products for these devices is key for the major companies to ensure future growth.

With Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg had clearly pointed out in a financial call that his goal was to grow mobile revenue and today, we have a new eMarketer forecast which is suggesting that the social networking site could see global mobile revenue exceed $2 billion. If correct, it would mark the first time that this has occurred for the company and more then that, it is a sign that the company is moving in the right direction seeing as they had just $500 million in mobile revenue last year. On a percentage basis, 2013 could see a 300% increase in revenue.

It’s quite a success story for Facebook as it was just two years ago, in 2011 when Facebook had no mobile revenue. In fact, Facebook only brought mobile ads on the scene last year and clearly, the success that is being estimated for this year will certainly help their bottom line. Last year, Facebook reported total revenue of $5 billion which was up $1.3 billion from the year prior.


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