European Teens See Facebook As “Dead”

by Mike on December 28, 2013


Facebook’s rise to fame came by way of university and high school students, but over time, we saw parents and even grandparents flock to the social networking site. On the surface, this may appear to be a good thing for Facebook as it means more users on the website, but unfortunately, the addition of older users has resulted in teens leaving the site.

The Global Social Media Impact Study has confirmed that younger users of Facebook are now leaving the site in search of new social sites, ones that aren’t being used by their parents and grandparents. The most popular alternative sites include Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. As Professor Daniel Miller from the team puts it, Facebook is essentially “dead” and the reason behind this is because teens are concerned about style, appearance and their relationships with other teens and as such, many teens worry about the “friend request” from mom and dad.

It’s interesting to note that while teens are moving away from Facebook, they do accept the fact that they are moving at times to other social sites which may not be as mature when it comes to organizing photo collections, profiles and even events. For Facebook, the new study can’t be good news, but if there is a bright side, they do own Instagram which is one of the sites that teens are heading towards.


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