Emirates Airlines Selects Windows 8 Tablets Over iPad Or Android

by Mike on November 19, 2012

Emirates Airlines Selects Windows 8 Tablets Over iPad Or Android

We’re seeing more and more of the airlines opting for onboard tablet computers and like most choices, the options boil down to the usual Android tablet, iPad or the Windows 8 tablet. Recently, executives at Emirates Airlines had to make this decision and their choice was to go with a Windows 8 tablet that has been built by Hewlett-Packard.

The Windows 8 tablet was selected over the iPad and is now part of the company’s pilot program whereby cabin crew members will have access to one of 1,000 HP ElitePad 900 tablets. Each of these tablets will have a custom app installed on it called Knowledge Driven Inflight Service or KIS for short. Essentially, this app will allow crew members to more efficiently manage their passengers, thereby allowing them to expedite seating requests as well as view upgrade eligibility.

If you’re wondering just why Emirates Airline went with a Microsoft tablet and you looked at Microsoft’s response on this topic, it would be because the Windows 8 tablets are attractive, lightweight and they have a long life battery that would allow them to function on long flights. I’m sure these are legitimate reasons for this decision, but there were other reasons as well and according to Emirates, the company was looking for a tablet with an operating system that would integrate well with their current infrastructure. Assuming that their IT department is powered by Windows, choosing a Windows 8 tablet would be a no-brainer, thus putting the iPad and Android out of the running.


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