Emblaze Mobile’s First Else Smartphone Finally Makes Debut

by Zack on November 27, 2009

First Else Smartphone

With so many new smartphones today looking like the ones that came before them, people have been looking forward to the release of Israeli mobile phone company Emblaze Mobile’s “First Else” smartphone. It has been in development for almost two years, promising a new way to do things on a smartphone. Mobile device enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the First Else smartphone is finally available.

The first thing you’ll notice about First Else is its display. While most smartphones flood the screen with little icons, First Else uses the simple but attractive “sPlay” interface that’s controlled by the user’s right thumb. The interface lets the user navigate the device easy enough, with the phone’s contents neatly tucked away on the display’s right.

First Else runs on the Access Linux Platform 3.0, a little-known mobile OS. It still offers an impressive 3.5-inch, 854×480 pixel LCD touchscreen, a 5MP camera, and a rumored 32GB worth of storage. What’s more, First Else can record videos at up to 30 frames per second.

If you’re tired of the usual smartphone offering and would like a new way of doing things, First Else should make for an interesting change of scenery.


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