Edible Esslack Gold Food Paint

by Angela on March 29, 2010

Edible Esslack Gold Food Paint

In Greek mythology, it may have been Midas that had the golden touch, capable of turning whatsoever he touched into gold. For him of course, this turned out to be a curse, but the Deli Garage in Germany has developed a food spray that may just be a blessing for parents who have young children that are fussy eaters.

It’s easy to use, just spray that broccoli or other food item with the culinary gold and you may be able to tempt your kids into taking that first bite which in fact may end up being the last bite once they realize what vegetables they are eating. The Esslack food paint comes in gold and silver and can be used on a variety of different foods including fresh fruits and vegetables as well as baked goods like cakes and pies.

The food spray is not just limited for fussy kids, but can be used to add a bit of color to your next five star dinner party that you are hosting at home. The spray is available directly through the Deli Garage.

Via: Born Rich, Ask Alexia

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  • grace

    Uhm, where is it available directly from on that site?

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  • Dena Thomas

    I want to buy Silver Esslack Food Spray. Where can I get it in the U.S.

  • jake

    where can i get esslack in canada.

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  • corinne

    i want to know if i can spray this on my face..

  • Nadine EZ Martinezzz

    Hi, my name is Nadine, and like im like looking for this ghetto fab paint to spray paint my fruit so when I’m at work everyone can see how like fab I am.

  • David

    Where can i purchase gold edible esslack food paint in the United States?