eBay Bidding Ends At $13K+ For Nintendo System

by Mike on February 14, 2010

eBay Bidding Ends At $13,000 For Nintendo System

Recently, a Haw River, North Carolina mother was cleaning out the basement of her home and came across an old NES system (Nintendo Entertainment System) with five game titles. The game titles were Family & Fitness Stadium Events, Major League Baseball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Super Mario 3, Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt.

For the average person, this seems like a pretty typical auction, game console, throw in a couple of video games and you may net a few bucks in your pocket. What mom didn’t expect was the first eBay bid which came in at $6000 and by the time the auction closed, the final winning bid was for $13,105.00.

So what gives? This wasn’t a rare Stuart Hughes gaming console that was decked out in gold and precious gems like his $485,000 Nintendo Wii Supreme Console. However, the value of this eBay auction was in the list of games that were included, one of which was considered a rare gem amongst collectors and in the gaming world. The game was the 1987 Stadium Events.

According to an NBC report, only 2000 copies of this 80s video game were ever made and what made this particular auction even more valuable is it included the original cardboard box. It is believed that there are only 10 complete sets of this game with packaging and this was one of them. There is so much emphasis placed on the box, that its value alone is appraised at $10,000 and the game title itself ranks sixth on the “Holy Grails of Console Game.”

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  • kenny

    That was an amazing event for NES gamers ! Hopefully they will now receive the recogniton they deserve. These legendary machines are still the most reliable, and some would argue enjoyable, gaming platforms. I have had one for over 25 years and it still works great. The newer gen. ( high graphic ) machines are finicky & technically prone to errors or failures. Last week on EBay, the consoles could be had for $10 to $20 and now they are going for big bucks. Only in America

  • Tom

    Yeah i still have all my old systems and pull them out and play then with my son every now and then. Thes best parts is the games are still saved after 20 years. I still go back and replay the original final fantasy game as well as wall street kid. Wow this is bringing back memories already.