Dot Camera Brings Panoramic Video To iPhone 4

by Mike on May 24, 2011

Panoramas have always been an interesting feature for devices that have cameras which support this option and now, through the addition of an accessory, this feature is available on the iPhone 4. The device that brings panoramas to the Apple smartphone is the Kogeto Dot.

The technology blog Engadget had a chance to review one of these devices to snap some 360-degree panoramic video. What they found was that the device works as promised, but there are some challenges in usability. To begin with, the camera resides on top of the smartphone which means that the iPhone needs to be held perpendicular to the floor as you capture your video footage. As a result, it becomes very difficult to see what video footage you are capturing unless you place the iPhone above your head.

Putting aside this issue, the lens comes complete with an application that will adjust your output video, ensuring that it is straight. Users will also have the ability to stream video directly from their iPhone. Currently, the device is not in the production phase just yet, but interested users can submit their pre-orders with the company if they so choose. The device will sell for $98 US. What would be nice to see is some stock panoramic video captured using this device, but unfortunately, this is not available.


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