Digital Odometer For Long Distance Runners

by Mike on June 15, 2009

We all know that worn out shoes can cause havoc to the human body and for the runner, it can result in a variety of aliments including knee injuries, joint pain, shin splints and ankle injuries.

Digital Odometer - Marathon Runners

Although icing the injury and anti inflammatory medicine can alleviate the symptoms, it doesn’t address the cause of the problem.

Proper footwear in the form of cushioned running shoes is what is required to prevent injury. The question is when is it time to replace worn out shoes? The Shoe Odometer is a new gizmo for the marathon runner to track their mileage.

When you buy new running shoes, attach the odometer to them. Every so often, verify the odometer reading. When the digital display on the gadget shows a mileage of 300 to 500 miles, you know it’s time to throw out your shoes and buy new shoes.

The Shoe Odometer retails for $50 and works along the same premise as pedometers and other step calculators but are considered to be much more accurate.


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