December: 263 Million Users Played Angry Birds

by Mike on January 14, 2013

December: 263 Million Users Played Angry Birds

With their franchise game Angry Birds, Rovio cannot be accused of not keeping the game fresh. Over the years, we’ve seen this game relaunched with different themes and options that keeps customers interested and wanting to play. In fact, this has been one of the most successful games on a variety of different operating systems and we now have some numbers to back up this statement.

2012 is done and over with, but in December of last year, there were 263 million users that were actively playing this game. If you look at Christmas week itself, there were 30 million users that had downloaded the game and on Christmas day alone, there were 8 million downloads. Compared to December 2011, Rovio has seen a 30% increase in the download rate and of course, these sorts of numbers has the company setting up some stretch goals for the year to come.

Part of the success of Rovio has come from its marketing arm as the Angry Birds logo can be found on virtually any product that is kid friendly. We’ve seen plush toys, board games, clothes and lunch kits all carry the Angry Birds logo. Looking forward, the company’s CEO Peter Vesterbacka has stated that he would like to see a situation where there are 1 billion Angry Birds players every single day. To put this into perspective, there are 1 billion people that consume Coke products every day and this company has a 100 year history.

It’s a lofty goal no doubt, but we’ll see if Rovio can continue to reinvent itself to achieve their stated goal.


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