Customize Your PS3 Slim With Colorware

by Mike on September 14, 2009

Custom PS3 Slim Colorware

Back in the day, game consoles such as the PS3 Slim and the Xbox were made for one purpose, to play video games. The actual console would be tucked neatly in a corner or on a shelf adjacent to the TV. The game unit was never really meant to be seen.

Fast forward to today and these units are now front and center as part of the multi-media entertainment systems within the home. Colorware offers to help you personalize your Playstation 3 Slim with your preferred color choices.

For $149, the company will paint your PS3 with any color under the rainbow. If you are in the market to buy a PS3 and are willing to fork out $449, Colorware will ship you a new console with a custom paint job. Additionally, they will color match your PS3 Slim controller for free. However, if you’re looking for a second dual Shock controller, that paint job will cost you an extra $30.

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