Cue – The Breast Self Exam Reminder

by Mike on October 20, 2008

Over the years, advances in medical technology have played a big role in breast cancer survival amongst woman. The key to survival is early detection which can come about through mammogram screenings as well as self exams. There has been a real push in recent years to get the word out to woman to perform self exams and this has been a real plus.

In today’s busy world, there are times when it can be easy to forget things such as the self exam. Aviecue has come out with a product known as Cue which is an electronic breast self-exam reminder, a shower timer, a clock, a doctor’s visit reminder and much more. Cue hangs in the shower using strong suction cups and will remind woman to perform routine breast exams.

Seeing as how this was practical product, I thought it was worth highlighting today, especially after I saw an alternative on RGS this morning. Take a look at the video below, the line that got me was near the end when the kids say they are focusing more on younger woman.

Source: Chip Chick and Random Good Stuff

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