Cool Watch – Diesel Watch With No Face

by Mike on May 12, 2009

This cool watch known as the Diesel DZ9044 appears to have no actual watch face. At first glance, it appears to only have a polished black, stainless steel faceplate.

Diesel - Cool Watch No Face

You may wonder if there are buttons that activate the watch but there are non to be found.

The secret behind this men’s watch is the top surface is just a faceplate. The actual analog clocks are on the side of the watch.

Diesel Watch stainless steel

In fact, there are four of them which you can can configure for any world time zone you desire. This worldly watch may not be the most practical and what will you do with the blank faceplate which seems like a bit of wasted real estate unless like the look of wearing a charm bracelet or have a sense of humor and put a funny sticker on it?

In any case, the Diesel DZ9044 will have friends guessing. You can buy this watch which is water resistant and comes with a black or brown leather band for $365.

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