Cool Toys – Luxury Monopoly Set By Zontik Games

by Mike on January 22, 2009

Zontik Games has taken the vintage board game Monopoly and transformed it into an ultra-luxurious game for the rich and famous. This isn’t your everyday McDonald’s Online Monopoly game.

Cool Toys - Luxury Monopoly Set by Zontik Games

Rather, the new Monopoly board set features 70 gold and silver inlays, precision dice and leather-bound “Bank” boxes.

The entire board is set on top of a beautiful hand bound scalloped sided plinth in Dauphin calf.

The entire design is exquisite. Owning high end real estate such as Boardwalk and Park Place will take on a whole new meaning in this luxury game. Heck, even slumming it with Mediterranean and Baltic Avenues won’t be the same.

Of course, luxury has it’s price and this cool board game will set you back anywhere between $4,290.00-$7,570.00 depending upon which options you select.

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