Cook: No Concerns About iPad Cannibalization

by Mike on February 12, 2013

Cook: No Concerns About iPad Cannibalization

The launch of the iPad was an incredible success for Apple but once the device came on the market, we saw other vendors launch tablet devices of their own. In fact, not only did we see tablets running on a variety of different operating systems, but we saw tablets come out with different screen sizes. One of the more notable competitor tablets was the Amazon Fire which launched just before Christmas 2011.

This Android tablet took the market by storm and one of its key features was the smaller display screen. Apple, realizing the momentum that this device had, needed to respond and it was at this time that we started hearing about the Cupertino company launching a smaller screen tablet. As the rumors of such a device got stronger, there were many analysts that believed that an iPad mini would take away sales from the full screen iPad and that essentially Apple was cannibalizing its own market.

Today, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook addressed this issue and said he isn’t overly concerned about cannibalization. In fact, Cook is proud to say that Apple is still the leader in tablets and a lower market share for the 9.7-inch iPad was inevitable. Cook went on to say that if they didn’t launch their own mini tablet that would cannibalize the iPad, another company would most certainly do so and in the process, take away Apple’s share of the market. In fact, the Apple CEO said that the large screen iPad cannibalization isn’t really the issue here but what will be the bigger issue in the years to come is the loss of market share by traditional PCs as customers move towards mobile devices.


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