Cold Beer 90 Seconds Away With Beer Chiller

by Mike on December 4, 2009

Cold Beer With Beer Chiller

At the end of another work week and lots of people are going to head home in rush hour, looking forward to spending some quality time with friends and family. While stuck at a red light, some will even think about that cold beer that’s waiting for them in the fridge.

One second. Did someone forget to put the beer in the fridge? I suppose when you finally get home, you could put a beer can in the freezer but that could result in more issues then just iced beer.

The beer chiller looks a little hokey, but it does promise a cold one within 90 seconds and that’s pretty cool. All that you need to do is fill it with ice, add your favorite beer and crank the handle as you would on one of those old fashion ice cream makers. Ninety seconds later and you’ll be enjoying a cold beer.

Via Dvice, UberReview, Gadget Review

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