Coby MP570 Micro MP3 player

by Angela on March 30, 2010

Coby MP570 Micro MP3 player

What you’re looking at isn’t a shiny gemstone like a blood red ruby, but rather Coby’s new music player, the Coby MP570 Micro MP3 player. At first glance, it’s unclear how the device is controlled as there are no visible control buttons or display screen.

What we do know about the device at this time is that it will come with 2GB of flash storage and support for the MP3 and WMA file format. There is also a mini USB 2.0 interface that can be used for uploading music files from your PC to the music player. Power to the device is provided by way of an internal lithium polymer battery that offers 5 hours of play time before a recharge by way of a USB adapter is required.

Pricing and availability date are still forthcoming.

Via: Gadget Review, Hardware Sphere

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