Chrome Extension Introduces Google Voice Search

by Mike on November 27, 2013


There are a number of voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice, but these are more frequently associated with mobile devices. Now, Google wants to bring their own twist to the desktop through the launch of a new Chrome extension.

Known as Hotword, the new extension allows customers to access Google’s speech recognition service just by starting a verbal search query with “Ok Google”. The extension is functional on any Google search page and it can also be used from the default new tab page while in Chrome. Voice search is nothing new for Google as the search engine giant already offers this service by using your mouse to click on a microphone located near their search box. Where Hotword is different is that it is fully hands off and is just voice activated.

With Google, Microsoft and Apple constantly competing to attract customers, we will have to see just how the other companies respond to this move. It’s not a stretch to think that Microsoft could add a similar service of their own to Bing as we already know that they have this technology for Windows Phone and the Xbox One. For Apple, is it possible that they may just integrate Siri into their own operating system, OS X?

If you want to take Hotword for a spin, it is now available through the Chrome Web Store.


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