Chitika: Microsoft Surface Accounts For 0.13% Of Web Traffic

by Mike on December 11, 2012

Chitika: Microsoft Surface Accounts For 0.13% Of Web Traffic

When Microsoft came out with their line up of tablets, their intention was to develop hardware products that would hopefully put them online with both Apple and Google and their respective tablets.

With the Surface tablet, many of the initial October reviews were positive, but ultimately, its the end user that has the final say and they have spoken volumes with their lack of interest in the Windows tablet. For quarter four, Microsoft has confirmed that they are reducing their tablet orders from manufacturers by 50% and a new estimate suggests that the company will sell under a million units before the year is out.

The lack of interest in the Microsoft tablet seems to now be substantiated by the online advertising firm Chitika who according to their analysis has identified the Surface tablet as accounting for just 0.13% of all tablet traffic. Their numbers take into account users that reside within Canada and the US and includes data that they were able to collect from millions of ad impressions during a seven day period that ended on November 18th. What makes these numbers even more concerning is the fact that there are fewer apps available for Surface then there are for iOS and Android which means that Surface users would most likely be receiving these ads as opposed to being able to block them using something like an ad blocker. As such, the 0.13% number should be fairly accurate.


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