CES 2013: No Samsung Galaxy S4 Announcement Expected

by Mike on December 11, 2012

CES 2013: No Samsung Galaxy S4 Announcement Expected

With the 2013 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show to begin early next year, Samsung acknowledged their presence at this event by releasing a teaser video yesterday. Although there were no specifics as to just what the Korean company would bring to CES, there was a lot of speculation.

We heard that Samsung could come out with new LED TVs, smartphones and possibly even a tablet. Although the guesses were all over the table, the biggest excitement was generated by the possibility that Samsung could come out with their Galaxy S4 smartphone. For those that were excited by this prospect, it appears that the chances of this are remote. The information came by way of CNET who were able to verify the information through their sources.

So the question becomes, if the Galaxy S4 doesn’t get announced at CES, what will be the company’s focus for this event and the answer will be TV. It appears that Samsung will be unveiling new products for their TV line up and as such, mobile product launches will be pushed back. To when is not sure, but likely, until the Spring and if this is correct, it would coincide with other reports that suggested the Galaxy S4 would launch in the Spring.


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