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The process of consuming video content has certainly changed over the past decade and there is no doubt that the younger generation is leading the way when it comes to both the rate of change and the method of change. These days, along with TV content, people are turning to online sources of video content, […]

If all of the rumours are correct, it is expected that Microsoft will come out with their next version of Windows, namely Windows 9, at the end of this month. By most accounts, a preview version of Windows 9 will be available on September 30th.

There have been long standing rumours that Google has been wanting to launch a music streaming service through YouTube, but so far, these have been just rumours and nothing concrete has come about. Even today, there is nothing official on this subject, but it does look like things are getting closer for the search engine […]

Android users that are in the market for a new smartwatch have been closing watching the announcements coming out of Motorola, a company that was expected to launch their own smartwatch in the Moto 360. While Motorola hasn’t officially announced the full details of their device, it does appear that the cat is out of […]