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One of the challenges that online retailers always face is speed of service. Offering up lower prices than what is available in a bricks and mortar store is great but the downside for some customers is that you have to wait in order for the product to be shipped.

Sony is still reeling from the largest hack that has occurred in the company’s history with hackers having been able to get away with 100 terabytes of information. In fighting against this theft, Sony has taken a two pronged approach.

The Pirate Bay Goes Offline

by Mike on December 10, 2014

Online News

The Pirate Bay has gone offline once more. On past occasions, one of the more common causes of outages has been police activity and it appears that such is the case this time around as well. This time, a raid conducted by Swedish Police has resulted in a raid of a server room containing Pirate […]

YouTube is still the number one destination site for video hosting, but its not the only one. In fact, YouTube has been feeling the heat from rival sites and its gotten to the point where it has YouTube executives a bit on edge.