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There have been long standing rumours that Google has been wanting to launch a music streaming service through YouTube, but so far, these have been just rumours and nothing concrete has come about. Even today, there is nothing official on this subject, but it does look like things are getting closer for the search engine […]

Android users that are in the market for a new smartwatch have been closing watching the announcements coming out of Motorola, a company that was expected to launch their own smartwatch in the Moto 360. While Motorola hasn’t officially announced the full details of their device, it does appear that the cat is out of […]

Google may be a data company at heart, but there is a lot that happens in the background in order to allow for the flow of information. For instance, Google maintains their own fiber cable which is located underwater.

Google has always had a number of projects that they have juggled and on a number of occasions, we’ve seen them jump into the medical field. When you consider just how much data the search engine giant has at its disposal, one can see that perhaps they might be be able to generate new perspectives […]