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Microsoft has made Windows 10 official and while people are going to be kicking the tires in some respect to see just what the new OS will deliver, there are some perks that have been announced right off the bat.

Recently, Marriott made the news for all the wrong reasons and that was because the hotel chain was looking to prevent hotel guests from accessing their own WiFi networks while staying at the chain. Once Marriott’s request made its way to the FCC, there was considerable backlash from customers that were aware of the request […]

There’s no doubt that BlackBerry has had its share of defeats over the past few years. On the consumer side, the company has seen interest in its devices decline as customers began to move towards either Apple’s flagship iPhone or the sleuth of Android devices that are out there. But, it’s not just on the […]

Cloud based technology has made it easier for users in some respect because everything is hosted on the server. Chromebooks rely on the Chrome operating system with a strong emphasis on cloud technology.