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A few years back, Amazon made its intention known that they wanted to start using drones to deliver packages to customers. Their program was known as Prime Air and while the concept was unique and efficient, the regulations for this kind of service just weren’t in place.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s next iteration of their popular Windows operating system and one of the big features will be Cortana, their voice recognition software. A challenge with all of these kinds of applications is their ability to accurately recognize voices, each of which comes with their own accents and inflections.

One of the gripes that is commonly levelled against Samsung and its mobile phones is the number of apps that come installed by default. These apps take up overhead on the phone and result in unnecessary bloatware.

Flipboard has been available for quite some time now, but ever since it launched, the application has only been available for mobile devices. Essentially, the app allows users to be able to view magazines from a number of different publishers in a nice, easy format to read.