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One of the gripes that is commonly levelled against Samsung and its mobile phones is the number of apps that come installed by default. These apps take up overhead on the phone and result in unnecessary bloatware.

Flipboard has been available for quite some time now, but ever since it launched, the application has only been available for mobile devices. Essentially, the app allows users to be able to view magazines from a number of different publishers in a nice, easy format to read.

Microsoft has always had its share of bad press when it comes to security flaws, both with its operating systems and browsers and unfortunately, today is one of those days. Being the owners the most used operating systems in the world and along with that a popular browser, does make you prone to hacks, but […]

Uber has made quite the name for itself in every city that it has launched. For the most part, customers love the service and find that the service offers a nice alternative to local taxi services which can come with steep fares.