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As the worlds largest social network, Facebook requires users to have an Internet connection or at least access to one in order to remain connected with friends and family. One of the least connected parts in the world is Africa and there have been many attempts to try and increase connectivity in that region of […]

There are a number of items that a consumer takes into consideration when buying a new smartphone and there is no doubt that battery life is a key feature. One of the biggest drawbacks to buying a new phone is finding out that the battery life is poor. Heavy users would be happy if they […]

University can be a tough time during a student’s life and its not uncommon to see students being on their own for the first time. With this new found freedom, students may find themselves taking advantage of certain liberties and cutting classes is just one example.

These days, users have a number of different options available to them when it comes to connectivity. Social networking, Skype, VoIP and of course there is the traditional voice calls. Long distance international calls can be expensive, but in a bid to make a small gesture, Google is offering up a small deal through their […]