Gadgets And Gizmos

There are reports that have surfaced through the Wall Street Journal which are indicating that Microsoft is in the development phase of a new set-top box which will essentially function as a media streaming device. Essentially, this latest rumour builds on previous rumours which suggest that through this set-top box, users will be able to […]

Coated has featured some strange gadgets in the past and we have to say that this one certainly fits into this category. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed a wearable vest that can be associated with your personal Facebook account. You may be wondering just why anyone would want to link […]

A pair of Japanese researchers have created a hand held gun like device that will stop people from talking. It’s essentially a painless real life version of a mute button that someone finds on their remote control.

Mobile phones and all of the other portable gadgets that we carry with us has reduced our dependence on the simple wristwatch. However, this minimalistic watch may just entice some of you to strap one of these on, if not just for its uniqueness.