Consumer Electronics

The Raspberry Pi took the development board niche by storm when it first launched and there was one big reason behind that and that was price. Since the release of the board, we’ve seen a number of uses that extend beyond its original use.

Samsung was gearing up with the launch of their first Tizen phone but it looks like a series of setbacks will see this launch delayed. Tizen is Samsung’s internally developed operating system, one that was going to give some company flexibility should they choose to not go with Android down the road.

The VAIO brand was well recognized and had always been associated with Sony, that is until the company sold the brand, lock, stock and barrel last year. With the sale of the VAIO brand, there were some interesting pieces of information that became available such as the fact that Apple was looking at the VAIO […]

There’s been an ongoing dispute over the legality of Aereo’s antenna service which broadcasters have deemed violated their copyrights. At one point, some network channels were threatening to stop broadcasting over the air and instead becoming a pay channel and there were also threats that with Aereo in the picture, sports on free TV would […]