Consumer Electronics

Last year, UPS introduced a pilot program into six of their stores whereby they offered customers access to 3D printing facilities. This pilot project was well received by customers and it appears that UPS was also satisfied with the results as the parcel company is now pushing out 3D printing across the country.

If you are a fan of the BlackBerry product lines, you’ll probably know that in ten days time, the Waterloo company will be officially announcing their new flagship handset which will be known as the BlackBerry Passport. The new device will replace the BlackBerry Z30 and before that, the Z10 as the new top end […]

Windows 9 is on the way and consumers should have their first official glimpse of it later this month. While it won’t be a final version, it will at least offer everyone an opportunity to see how Microsoft will transition away from Windows 8.

Big screen televisions are one component of the home theatre system, but to get the full effect, there are a number of other items needed including quality speakers. Today, customers have a number of choices for speakers that can augment their surround sound system including tower and bookshelf speakers.