Consumer Electronics

Google Glass has been around for a little while now but up until now, the general public has essentially been unable to buy the device. The high tech glasses, which went on sale for $1,500 were only available to those that were invited to the program.

There have been a number of rumors that Amazon wants to come out with their own smartphone and now it appears that Amazon is inching closer to this reality. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Amazon smartphone is expected in the second half of this year with the official announcement of the device to […]

Companies always have their eye out for the next big product, the one that will set them apart from the competition. Finding one of these types of products can give a company a huge edge in the market as well as generate considerable revenue.

Amazon has its own line up of tablets and there have always been rumours that the company would be coming out with smartphones to round out their offerings. A new report from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo appears to suggest that Amazon is getting much closer to their official announcement.