Consumer Electronics

The PlayStation is now 20 years old and that’s a huge milestone for any gaming console. Sony decided to commemorate this occasion through the release of a limited edition Sony PlayStation 4. Essentially, this PS4 was a standard unit, but it was designed to resemble the original console.

With the desktop market dwindling over the past few years, many hardware makers have turned to mobile devices to shore up their profit lines. Tablets are one such device that are made by a variety of different companies, including HP.

One of the biggest challenges that we have with many of our technology gadgets has to be battery life. Things need to keep being plugged in for long periods of time in order to keep the device up and running. Wouldn’t it be nice if devices could be recharged in shorter periods of time?

Last year, UPS introduced a pilot program into six of their stores whereby they offered customers access to 3D printing facilities. This pilot project was well received by customers and it appears that UPS was also satisfied with the results as the parcel company is now pushing out 3D printing across the country.