Consumer Electronics

Sony has always been a big name when it comes to electronics but one area where the company hasn’t seen much success is in the area of mobile phones. While Sony has made a string of good Android handsets, it has had difficulty carving out a niche for itself in the mobile world.

Google has seen a lot of success with their Android operating system. By developing the base operating system and then releasing it for free to manufacturers, Google has seen a strong adoption rate. Today, we see Android on mobile phones that are on the bottom of the spectrum when it comes to features to the […]

At the recent International Consumer Electronics Show, we learnt that Dish was looking at launching a new service which they called Sling TV. This service would be available strictly through the Internet and the service was geared to a growing segment of the population that is now ditching their cable service in search for other […]

We’ve been seeing a significant push towards mobile computing and with that, we have seen the rise of laptops, tablets and phones and this has come at the expense of desktop computers. There is however a niche that hasn’t been fully flooded yet and that is the micro PCs.