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With the introduction of the iPhone 5S, we saw Apple change up their color line with a new gold model making its d├ębut. The new colour was quite the hit and Apple saw shortages of the gold model that were far greater then some of the other colour choices.

With North America now blanketed by a wave of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets, Apple is now looking overseas at one of its newer, bigger markets, namely China. Apple has worked for many years to try and secure the release of their handset in the communist country, but for one reason or another, […]

There are a growing number of reports in a variety of different forums that seem to suggest that the iPhone 6 plus is susceptible to bending when it is placed within a users pocket. The issue seems to appear after the handset is in the pocket and the user sits for a prolonged period of […]

If Apple fans had a wish list for their beloved iPhone, there would probably be two things that would top the list. These would include larger screens and a longer lasting battery. With the latest iteration of the iPhone, Apple tried to address both of these requests and it appears that by the number of […]