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We’ve seen a lot of rumours which have suggested what features will be included in Apple’s next generation iPhone, but today, we’re seeing a rumour that suggests how much confidence Apple has in their iPhone 6.

Having a supplier contract with Apple can be a very lucrative but difficult option for a company. Losing one can be just as tragic. That’s because Apple is such a large company with large needs. While Apple tends to limit their public discussions about suppliers, we did get a chance to learn a little about […]

Beats is one of the more popular brands for headphones and with its deal with Apple, the upside for Beats is just that much greater. It’s for this reason that these companies need to protect their brand from counterfeiters.

Every year, Apple comes out with their next generation iPhone and part of the design process takes into account feedback from user groups as well as market trends. While this information is never made public, there is no mistake in what consumers want because of independent polls that are done.