Apple News

Last week, we saw Apple unveil their newest Mac mini and now that the device is out, the true analysis can begin. We’re going to learn a lot more about benchmarks, teardowns and bill of materials over the next little while.

There have been rumours for some time that Apple is working on a large screen iPad, one that would perhaps better meet the needs of certain groups of clients including those in the business or medical world and of course, also end users just looking for a larger screen tablet. This device is said to […]

A few days back, there was a lot of speculation that Apple would be coming out with a new iPad and that the announcement of this device was expected this month. While a few different dates had been thrown around, this was mostly speculation. But, today, we have an official confirmation from Apple that they […]

With Apple’s official iPhone announcement now behind us, attention will now turn to some of Apple’s other product lines. The rumours of new products outside of the iPhone brand started coming in back in September and the earliest suggestions indicated that it would be on October 21st when we would hear about a new iPad.