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If Apple fans had a wish list for their beloved iPhone, there would probably be two things that would top the list. These would include larger screens and a longer lasting battery. With the latest iteration of the iPhone, Apple tried to address both of these requests and it appears that by the number of […]

With any new iPhone model, there is always that initial rush, a period of time when demand exceeds supply. Sometimes this is due to Apple not having enough initial stock at the time of release and at other times, this is due to the supply chain being unable to manufacture enough units.

Before the iPhone 6 became official, there were a number of rumours indicating that Apple would finally include Near Field Communication within their smartphone. While these were just rumours, it was anticipated that this would push the usage of NFC pay systems simply because of the popularity of the iPhone.

For the past few years, it’s been around this time that Apple has come out with a new iPhone and each year, we hear about record line ups and record sales. This year does not appear to be any different. In fact, with Apple having announced two new iPhone 6 models with bigger screens, you […]