Apple News

Mobile phones have seen transformations in all categories from faster processors, more RAM and improved screen resolution. One area where we’ve seen specialized companies try to introduce changes is in the strength of the display screens themselves and we’ve certainly seen improvements from the first flip phones.

These days, you can lease just about anything. Need a new car, lease it. How about home appliances, lease them as well. Why not lease technology? That’s the question that Sprint is asking.

When you’ve spent a fortune on the latest hardware such as the iPhone 6 Plus, you’d like to be able to take full advantage of all the new features that are available. In this regards, Apple users will be happy to hear that Netflix subscribers with this device will now be able to stream movies […]

Apple has built up a loyal following over the years and while their products could never be considered budget devices, Apple fans have always been eager to line-up and buy them. We’ve known for a while that Apple was going to come out with their own wearable device and this became official two months ago […]