Apple News

At the end of last year, Apple had officially confirmed that they were working on a watch which would simply be known as an Apple Watch and the said device was expected to debut in the New Year. While we had some very rough details of when the device would launch, it was still a […]

There were rumours that started yesterday that suggested that Apple was gearing up to release unlocked iPhones and today, it appears that the rumours have become reality. Within the US, customers often have to wait a couple of months after an iPhone launch before unlocked models become available.

Apple has been fairly successful with their products and each year, the Cupertino company tends to rank quite high when it comes to customer satisfaction. Interestingly enough though, as this year comes to an end, it appears that Samsung has surpassed Apple in terms of customer satisfaction.

Having great products is one thing, but being able to back them up with a robust return policy is a whole other game. Having a good return policy allows customers to be able to buy without the fear of facing issues if they are dissatisfied with their purchase. It’s one of the reasons that Costco […]