Camping Gadgets – The Great Sleeping Bear

by Mike on February 19, 2009

Geek out on your next outdoor camping adventure with The Great Sleeping Bear sleeping bag.

Outdoor gadgets - the sleeping bear

Designed by Eiko Ishizawa, this synthetic sleeping bag is meant to resemble the wandering great brown bear of the Alps.

According to the designer, this cool design plays on several basic human emotions including the fear of getting eaten by a bear, being a bear as well as wearing a bear skin.

the sleeping bear sleeping bag

Regardless of which emotion this design will illicit in you, one thing is for sure and that is you’ll have lots of fun and laughs on your next camping trip. In fact, as everyone huddles around the campfire telling ghost stories or other scary stories of the madman of the woods, slip into your sleeping bag and just wander out of your tent to give your friends a good scare.

If you like this camping gadget, it looks like you will be able to buy it in the Spring of 09, so stay tuned.

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  • pcmemoirs

    What if some hunter shoots you, thinking you are a real bear?

  • mike

    True, you never know…and don’t forget about an amorous bear who might be interested in violating the user of this sleeping bag.

  • pcmemoirs

    That may be even worse :) !

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  • kelly

    I’ll buy it.

  • amishrobots

    great, somebody needs to look up the phrase “vore fantasy”

  • Mike

    Yes, this post got picked up by a couple of Vore websites. Never heard of Vorarephilia (phagophilia) previously.

  • I cant Unsee It

    thanks guys.. I can’t unlearn Vorarephilia…

  • Willtur

    I would live to buy this. Make them!

  • MrRabbit

    did this ever come out ?
    theres no update as whether it did or not

  • MrRabbit

    would of just done an edit if it were available.
    and i do think that would be great for pulling pranks on camping buddies :P

    o and i do a lot of camping do you sell tents as well ? not weird animal tents but just normal tents bean looking for a large version of the ones that auto set up (not really shore if that’s the right description)

  • Wowsers

    “What if some hunter shoots you, thinking you are a real bear?”

    What if a bear mounts you, thinking that you are a real hot bear?

  • Jim

    I want this sleeping bag.
    It probably isn’t much use and it probably won’t fool anyone (so pranks out) but boy does it look cool.