BMW Search Powered By Google Maps

by Mike on September 16, 2008

BMW will be using Google Maps to provide search functionality on it’s 2009 BMW Assist and Navigation system – equipped 1 and 3 Series vehicles. Subscribers to the optional BMW Assist Convenience Plan will be able to quickly find their destinations using keyword searches.

The new system will run on the AT&T Mobility GSM System, due to it’s wide coverage and will automatically display the start and destination addresses as well as additional information such as phone number and distance.

BMW has a number of different service plans available, but one that I found interesting was the BMW Assist concierge services. With this service, you really do have access to your own concierge desk. Whether you are in search of cheap gas, flight times, good ethnic restaurants in your area, or regardless of your need, use the BMW Assist concierge service.

How handy would that be? Of course, such convenience will cost you $199.00 a year, but at least you’ll save on tipping, that is unless BMW enables paypal payments on their vehicles to transfer money to the concierge desk attendant.

[via BMW Blog]

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