BMW Mini E Scooter With Smartphone Ignition

by Mike on September 24, 2010

BMW has a new Mini E Scooter that will delight tree huggers that love their smartphones. Aside from being an electric scooter, the new Mini features a factory installed connection within the dash that will allow you to snap in your mobile phone.

Once connected, your smartphone serves two functions in the BMW model. First, it acts as your ignition key to start the scooter and second, it offers an easy to use GPS system. Additionally, if you happen to have a Bluetooth enabled bike helmet, you’ll also enjoy a couple of other features like hands free calling and the ability to listen to your iTunes playlists rather then the local radio stations.

There is also a BMW app in development that will help you locate other Mini E Scooters that are nearby just in case you want to start your own impromptu biker gang.

Via: Ubergizmo

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