Blue light keeps fruit fresh

by Mike on May 15, 2008

We’ve all experienced buying fruit, not using it and after a few days, watching it spoil. This can be quite frustrating as it is a waste of money, a waste of food as well as a waste of time as you would have had to the store to purchase the fruit.

Along comes the concept bowl simply known as Blue.

Keep fruit fresh with blue light

Blue uses Action Fresh Blue Technology, which is a specific wavelength of blue light that is known to inhibit the growth of bacteria as well as kill existing bacteria. With a reduction of bacteria on the fruit, the shelf life is increased. This same technology is now being introduced into other appliances of convenience such as the Halo Vacuum as well as the newer generation refrigerators.

There are no specifics as to how much longer fruit will stay fresh. If having fresh fruit doesn’t convince you as to the practicality of this product, what about that cool shiny blue light?

Via Envee Apparel

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  • jay

    Could this work to keep your refrigerator or bathroom bacteria-free?

  • mike


    There are refrigerators available that work under the same premise as the blue light bowl and I’ve read that some of them do quite a good job.

    I haven’t seen a product designed for the bathroom, but then again, if the product works so well in the kitchen, a bathroom product may be just a google search away and if not, it wouldn’t surprise me if there are designs in the works.

  • Paula

    What is the price of the fruit bowl? Where can one purchase the item?

  • Mike


    The fruit bowl is a concept product. However, the Action Fresh Blue Technology is being incorporated by manufacturers in their fridge designs.