Blackberry 10 Launches On January 30th

by Mike on November 13, 2012

Blackberry 10 Launches On January 30th

The once mighty Research In Motion has been crushed over the past two years as it has faced major competition from faster and feature filled smartphones such as the iOS powered Apple iPhone and the Android powered Samsung Galaxy line of products.

This competition along with internal company delays as well as executive changes has not sat well with RIM investors and this has been reflected in the downward trend that the stock has seen over the last little while. For its part, RIM hopes to change this tide of fortune by launching a series of BlackBerry 10 mobile phones and today, we finally have a date for these devices. The new line of RIM products are slated to launch early next year on January 30, 2013. These devices have now been delayed twice, but assuming that the company can meet their commitment for next year, we will see not only the launch of two new Blackberry 10 smartphones in several countries, but we will also see the introduction of the platform upon which they will run.

Jennifer Fritzsche, a Wells Fargo analyst sees this news as a “modest positive” because there is now an official date for the launch, but she continues to say that RIM will have an “uphill battle” ahead of it if they want to compete against the iPhone 5 and the new Windows 8 handsets which are being introduced to customers through a multimillion dollar ad campaign. Although we now have a date for this event, RIM has still not said just when the new handsets will turn up in retail locations, but this is something that should be cleared up next January. Currently, some analysts believe that the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones will go on sale before the end of February 2013, while others believe that the devices will be available in March.


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