Best Buy Sale Drops Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs by $100

by Mike on February 23, 2013

Best Buy Sale Drops Windows 8 Touchscreen PCs by $100

If you’ve been looking to buy a Windows 8 touchscreen computer but have been putting off your purchase decision, you may want to revisit it again this weekend. It appears that starting tomorrow, Sunday, February 24th, Best Buy stores will be holding a 14 day promotion on Windows 8 touchscreen notebooks and desktops.

As part of the promotion, the prices for these devices will be reduced by $100 with Microsoft, Best Buy, Intel and the hardware manufacturers eating the cost of this sale. This sale is only specific to Windows 8 touch notebooks and desktops, meaning that Microsoft tablets such as Surface Pro and Surface RT will not be part of this promotion. If you’re wondering why the discount is only being applied to touchscreen devices and not all Windows 8 computers, the rationale lies behind a Best Buy survey which reports that Windows 8 has been a more popular operating system on touch devices rather then non-touch hardware. So far, Microsoft has managed to sell 60 million licenses to their latest operating system and to put this number into perspective, company representatives have said that this is in line with what they saw with Windows 7 around the same time after its launch. While this does sound positive from Microsoft’s perspective, it’s also interesting to note that many customers have complained that Windows 8 has not been as intuitive as older Microsoft operating systems.


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