Barnes & Noble Discount Nook Color And Tablet Prices

by Mike on November 3, 2012

Barnes & Noble Discount Nook Color And Tablet Prices

There’s no one that doesn’t like getting a deal on new devices and there are certain times of the year or events that can result in price drops. For instance, from now until Christmas, we should expect to see retailers reducing prices of some products as they prepare for the busy holiday season and let’s not forget that Black Friday in the United States is still to come.

Outside of these periods, there’s another opportunity to pick up devices on the cheap and that is when a company is gearing up to launch a new product. Take for instance, Barnes and Noble who is getting ready to launch their Nook HD and their Nook HD+. The launch of these two devices means that they need to unload existing product lines to make space for the new devices. As such, we’re seeing that the 7-inch Nook Color is being discounted by $10 and has a $139 listed price. Additionally, the 8GB Nook Tablet will retail for $159 while the 16GB model has a price of $179. This new pricing model comes into effect tomorrow and comes just 60 days after the company discounted the prices on these devices. For those interested, the 9-inch Nook HD+ and the 7-inch Nook HD will both be available on November 8th.


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